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new york, good night america! >>> i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> the body of polish president now recovered from the wreckage of the plane crash that killed him and his wife and other high ranking officials. all 97 people died while the plane was trying to land. >> rescue crews are confirming there are no survivors after the bodies of four missing miners were discovered. new questions now surfacing whether the tragedy could have been prevented. >>> and a russian orphan at the center of a storm. russian officials threatening to stop all u.s. adoptions after a tennessee woman sends her son back to russia alone. >> gregg: but we began with news out of new orleans where the leadership conference. michael steele is expected to address the crowd in the next hour or so. also a bit later on, we're going to learn the results of the straw poll which will gauge support for nine potential candidates or contenders for the 2012 gop presidential nomination. carl cameron is live in new orleans. give us a rundown of what is going on there. >> behin
, live from the nation -- america's news headquarters, live from the nation's capital right now. across europe and around the world, air travel is grinding to a halt because of the icelandic volcano that continues to build smoke and ash thousands of feet in the air. the situation is even threatening to scuddle the president's plans to attend the funeral of polish president lech kaczynski. only 5,000 flights in the air over europe today. on a normal day, there would be almost five times that number. our own greg palkot is one of the thousands of stranded travelers. greg is stuck in dubai because his flight to europe was canceled like most of the other flights bound there. greg, what is the latest with travelers and flight schedules where with you are? >> hey, brian. we're stranded like tens of thousands of others around the world, thanks to the volcanic ash cloud across europe. we were traveling back from an assignment in yemen and hoping to transit today to london through this major air hub through dubai in the middle east. not emirate airlines, the biggest in the region, the one we wer
because we are definitely looking out for you! >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. >> welcome to america's news headquarters. two day nuclear security summit is about to get underway at the nation's capitol. top on the agenda is prevent nuclear terrorism. >> gregg: poll after poll, unemployment is the top issue. why the president is having trouble pushing his plan through congress. >> and symbol of immigration. tough economic times and threatening the future. >> gregg: first we're getting new details on the plane crash killing poland's president. thousands of people lighting candles singing the national anthem and paying their final respect to lech kaczynski, their beloved president's casket returning to warsaw earlier today. at the moment, his remains arriving on polish soil, his twin brother, pressing his head against his brother's flag draped coffin. also on the tarmac but not seen, the only child of the president, her mother also died in the crash. let's go to dana streaming live. >> i talked to the prime minister's office. a spokesman telling fox news, there no question there is a c
>>> hello, everybody. a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, eruption disruption, mother nature's volcanic fury grounding most flights in and out of europe, including air force one. there is no clear end in sight, from the massive amount of ash in the jet stream. >> , a controversy out in california. a simple resolution meant to honor the boy scouts and their century of good deeds has caused a major political uproar. we will talk to the law maker who sponsored the resolution and is very upset with what went down. >> and that's the space shuttle discovery saying good-bye to the international space station and preparing for landing on monday. >> but let's start with president obama who had to cancel his plans today to attend the polish president's funeral as volcanic ash shuts down air travel over a large chunk of europe. the white house confirming air force one can't make the trip. the polish president and his wife died with 94 other people in a plane crash last weekend. president obama issuing this statement, saying, quote, i regret
to america's news headquarters. the death toll there in mississippi, now stands at at least ten people, tragically, that includes three children, a 14-year-old, a nine-year-old, and also, a three-month-old baby. the state officials today, fear the death toll could rise, later on today. those 200 mile-an-hour winds, wind through yazoo city neighborhoods in less than half a minute, where kris gutierrez is now live in -- amid the rubble as rescuers are going house-to-house amid all of the destruction. what is the latest now. >> reporter: eric, this was one of the hardest hit areas in the state of mississippi. yazoo city home to the governor here in the great state of mississippi and this is what is left of the hillcrest baptist church. yesterday noon time authorities believe an ef-4, wind gusts topping 200 miles per hour, ripped through the community, as you said, killing ten people, and leveling homes and destroying businesses and ripping apart lives. last night, we were told roughly ten families stayed in the community shelter and we caught up with a woman earlier today and here's how s
and we take you to new orleans for preview. i'm brian wilson. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts now. get to the top story, the president of poland is dead following a plane crash over russian soil that claimed the lives of 97 people including hi-ranking members of the polish government. greg palkot is following this and is live. hello. >> we have been tracking the story and this is a devastating tragegy that is hitting one of america's key alleys in central europe. the president of poland lech kaczynski and his wife and others who were aboard a plane that crashed in russia are dead. including is the head of the central bank, head of the polish security, the head of the defense department and military services in poland. they were aboard a russian-built plane, that was approaching the airport in western russia. it was believed it was pilot error but a black box has been recovered. my ill-play will be sorted out once the data aboard the box will be listened to. there is so much interest in this that russian prime minister vladimir putin has personally t
, but a deep pride in the work they did and the energy they produced made america strong and free. [ applause ] >> my wish is this -- that every american takes time to say a prayer for every coal miner working today that keeps our nation vibrant and safe, to not only thank them but to honor them for their work and their patriotism. [ applause ] >>> i also want to take a moment to recognize our rescue teams who are with us tonight. they are seated. [ cheers and applause ] >> they are seated on the floor among the family members. they stood side by side with all of us throughout the disaster and put their own lives at risk to find their fallen brothers. when we ultimately learned that we had lost them all, our rescuers, those rescuers switched their cap lights back on and went back in the mines to bring those friends home in the most honorable way. god bless you. [ applause ] >> we all thank you. we are honored that you are with us this evening. i want to thank president obama and i want to thank vice president biden who have come today, who have come today to make this journey of honor with us
stay with us. america's news headquarters continues live with shannon bream from washington. have a great day. >> shannon: a nation in mourning, tens of thousands ofols gather -- pols gather in the street to mourn the death of their president. will the loss further strain relations with russia? live team coverage from warsaw and moscow up next. in washington, world leaders arrive to figure out how to deal with the nuclear dilemma, as iran cries foul over obama's new nuclear treaty with russia. we're live from the white house. adoption outrage! is russia about to put a freeze on all american adoptions because of the shocking case of a u.s. family who put a young adopted boy on a plane by himself? back to russia. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: we begin with latest developments on devastating plane crash in russia that claimed the life of the polish president, his wife and numerous top government officials. the president's twin brother was on the tarmac a couple of hours ago to meet the plane when hi
on the government computers? details to get you fired up straight ahead. i'm brian wilson. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. >> brian: all eyes are now on arizona. the state is home to an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants. as soon as arizona governor jan brewer signed the country's toughest law on illegal immigration yesterday, the protest and threats of lawsuits broke out. casey stegall is live in phoenix with more on the fall-out from the new state law. hello, casey. >> reporter: hello, brian. this is no doubt the toughest immigration reform bill on the books now in the country. it's hard telling how long it will last considering the court battles are already brewing to fight it. arizona governor jan brewer signed senate bill 1070 in effect yesterday as things got heated between hundreds and hundreds of protesters out on the lawn of the capitol in phoenix. opponents concerned it will lead to widespread racial profiling, especially among hispanics. since the new law allows police to question a person's immigration status conducting everyday p
, remember? houston? we have a problem? coming up, america's news headquarters, apollo astronaut je gene sernin will react to the plans for the future of the space program. should be interesting. >> the last man on the moon, coming up, on earth we have itchy eyes, sneezing and coffee. the high pollen count means many folks suffering from those dreaded allergies in parts of the country were covered in snow a few weeks ago now are seeing record temperatures and trees and flowers, it is beautiful out there. but also brings messesry. is there any relief in sight. >> rick reichmuth is live in the fox weather center. what do we do about allergy and pollen? the flowers and buds look great, but, man... it's tough. >> rick: can make you miserable and if you haven't started your allergy meds you might be too late. and we had such a cold winter, especially across the southeastern parts of florida. one of the coldest winters on record. and that depressed the blooms from the trees. which happened much later in the usual. and once it started to bloom it exploded. and everything bloomed all at once. an
and own a big part of america. let's watch exactly what is happening. if we get something concrete, a delay might be okay. >> they say the administration is delaying that currency report because they want chinese cooperation for new sanctions on iran. larry summers says that is not true but nobody can be satisfied where we are with exports to china right now. >> all right. thank you. >> gregg: there is a manhunt right now for a gunman in los angeles. a suspect in his 30s opened fire inside a crowded restaurant. here is a picture of the three men pronounced dead on the scene and fourth died on the way to the hospital. police suspect that warring gangs are behind it all. casey siegle is live, do they know a motive here? >> police are being very tight-lipped about this whole investigation as we're still in the early stages here. they have come out and said they do not believe that members of the general public are in danger here. they believe that the victims were specifically targeted. why they were targeted, that remains unclear although police came out said that armenia gang rifle
to america's news headquarters. i'm gregg jarrett. >> the eruption choking off air travel and they suspended medicalvakations of soldiers wounded. >> on a sip cal saturday there are about 22,000 flights across europe and so far 16,000 flights have been cancelled or delayed worldwide. more than a dozen nations have grounded flights to affected areas. laura ingle has more from our newsroom. >> reporter: as you know, if you have a flight on british airways heading out of the u.k. they have posted news all flights to and from the united kingdom will be cancelled. check out this image released by nasa we can show you. massive cloud of ash that is hovering over most of europe is so big, you can see it from space. this cloud that is hugging huge portions of europe have closed large sections of airspace creation fear that the particles of the ash cloud could endanger passengers by causing aircraft engines to plug up and fail. officials say the amount of ash and the big heavy plume is increasing which hit 21 countries with delays and groundings. those officials in iceland say it will persist for at l
america's lights on. vice-president joe biden and the first lady will also take place in the service. nicole collins is following on the latest on immigration law and has the latest on that. hi, nicole. >>> hi, shannon. protests are expected to occur in the next few hours outside the capital in arizona. some say the law could lead to racial profiling because it gives police officers the right to verify immigration status and some say that could lead them to pulling people over just because of their looks. 73% of likely voters in arizona approve of the new law while 23% are opposed. supporters of the law say the government has not done enough to secure the border and they want something done about increased drug violence. >> i think the people of arizona are fed up. they are tired of the violence and the flood of illegal immigrants in our state. they want something done about it. congress, the federal government, has done nothing when you really look at it, but i predict that congress will do something now. >> in fact, some democrats are now calling for immigration reform to supercede
>>> hello, i'm gregg jarrett. >> welcome to america's news headquarters. >> massacre in iraq, new images coming in the attack a sunni village. we're live in baghdad. >> and from new york to los angeles, lines of people outside apple stores across the country waiting to get their hands on the new ipad. the demand and the device. >> but first, the woman known as jihad jamie, taken into federal custody after flying to ireland to philadelphia yesterday. federal prosecutors charged her with plotting online to attend a terror training camp. she the second american women in a conspiracy to kill a swede irk cartoonist. prosecutors arraigned the woman known as jihad jane just last month on similar charges. julie is live. do we know much more about the relationship between these two women? >> what we know about the indictment released on friday that the two women communicated for many months online and jihad jane was actively using terrorist websites to row recruit women like her that could travel around europe. the indictment quotes a revealing online exchange between the two women about a
of legalizing marijuana. we'll ask her why she's pushing to legalize pot. america's news headquarters is live from the nation's capitol and starts now. but first, a fresh wave of post election attacks in iraq. at least 30 people have been killed, more than 200 others injured in three car bombings in central baghdad. the bombings come nearly a month after parliamentary elections produced no clear winner, reigniting fears of sectarian violence. we're in baghdad with the very latest. >> reporter: the numbers we have are 31 people dead and 140 injured. it's turned into the bloodiest weekend since the election some four weeks ago. on friday night 23 people were killed just south of baghdad in execution style killings. today, though, it was foreign diplomatic missions that are tar getted. the german embassy, the egyptian, and iranian embassies. very curious that those are embassies for countries belonging to the muslim world. it appears the culprits this time could be al-qaeda. they were responsible for the attack on sunni muslims on friday and today's car bomb attacks bear the hallmark of al-qaeda
the southern border in her state where drugs and he humanitarians are smug noold america every single day. >> we cannot sacrifice our safety to the murder courthouse greed of drug cartems. we can stand by as kidnappings and violence compromise our quality of life. >> reporter: now, even though this was signed yesterday, the new law will not go into effect until 90 days after the legislative session ends here in arizona. it could go into effect sometime late summer, that is if the lawsuits and public outcry don't stop it first. we're going to have wait and see. a lot of people are very, very upset about this, gregg. >> gregg: casey, thank you very much. will it help the border or open the state to a new flood of lawsuits? we'll have a debate coming up. >>> a plane forced to make an emergency landing in new mexico after passengers say a man tried to open the cabin door. 46-year-old man begin spraying water on other passengers. he then tried to open the cabin door threatening to blow up the airplane. at one point he told the flight attendant, get behind me, satan. flight was diverted to albu
of grit that can destroy airplane jet engines in midair. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm gregg jarrett. >> the sustained eruptions have sustained concerns that could be a more dangerous eruption, another volcano nearby. they are warning that the ash is unpredictable. it continues to erupted and spewing a lot more of that ash into the sky. >> gregg: it's a small step to clean up a big mess. best case scenario putting half of the stranded planes in europe back in the air within a few days with some flights taking off tomorrow. one group of french students and adults stranded in minneapolis apparently have only the clothes on their backs. >> we left yesterday to go to paris, back to paris. they found they didn't tell us there was something going on. we got stuck in minneapolis. they have had a hard time today. we spent five hours at the airport. no announcements or nothing, we were just there and worried. >>> we begin with laura ingle live in our newsroom. >> several major airlines have begun running safety test flights without passengers the last few days. all have been successfu
question every pollster in america wants to know from vote is it that you want? we should get answers six weeks from now on what some are calling factor super tuesday may 18th three states go to the polls: arkansas, kentucky and pennsylvania. eight states vote next month. these are primary races democrats against democrat and republicans against republicans. we won't know which party has the upper hand. it will demonstrate how the nation feels about establishment candidates versus challengers. incumbents chosen by the party, normally have the money, backing and name recognition to stop challenger this is an angry electorate. we asked two strategists what if the establishment candidates get their feet in? >> the message incumbents are going to take we are holding -- we are in this for ourselves. >> if they lose, then the reaction to scott brown will be multiplied by 10. which is incumbent, watch your back, both parties. democrats in particular. >> reporter: one thing to watch out for potential tea party effect. kentucky senate republican primary as grayson the secretary of state backed by
'm jamie colby, happy easter. welcome to america's news headquarters. there are millions around the world, that are celebrating one of the holiest days of the year, for christians. and well, have live reports on the celebrations. we'll begin with one of the biggest services, held in rome, and greg burke is standing by, greg, happy easter to you. it seems like the rain in rome, certainly didn't keep the people away. so many pilgrims showing up. >> reporter: jamie, that's right. happy easter to you, as well. and it looked like well over 100,000 umbrellas out there, actually, when the pope was giving his easter greetings, and he does that in dozens of languages, after noon local time a lot of people come for the mass and an overflow crowd, christmas and easter the two big days where st. peter's square is overflowing and it was today, though it was pouring-down rain, most of the students, the kids in europe, are off of school and seems like half of them end up come down to rome, for the holy week. this being the end of holy week and if there are really happy people in rome today, it is the gu
you back nearly 500 bucks but is it worth it? i'm shannon bream live in washington. america's news headquarters starts right now. first we begin with the arrest of a colorado mom who prosecutors say had dreams of joining al-qaeda. jamie ramirez is now the second american woman facing terrorism charges in the so-called jihad jane cases. julie kirtz has the latest. >> reporter: 31-year-old jamie ramirez flew from ireland to philadelphia with her six-year-old son knowing she would by arresthood he she touched down on u.s.el soil. she surrendered to members of an fbi joint terrorism task force and remains in custody. her son is now in child protective custody in philly. federal prosecutors filed the terrorism charges on friday, accusing ramirez of plotting online to attend a terror training camp along with another american woman, 46-year-old colleen la rose. la rose pleaded not guilty in a philadelphia court to recruiting islamist militants online. prosecutors charged that la rose used e-mail to urge ramirez to join her and others in europe at a location she described as "like a traini
that the worst place in the nation to try to find work is america's motor city, detroit. for every advertised job, there are nearly 15 unemployed people fighting for it. this has not changed recently. detroit at the bottom of the list. even with recent gains withford and taking on toyota, joining detroit the worst -rs of the worse, st. louis, missouri at number 49. ph*eupl, sunshine, no warmth for job seekers, it is number 48. las vegas, a real gamble for jobless at number 47 and riverside california with ten people competing for every help-wanted ad. now, not all the news is grim. take a look at the top five major cities, easiest nation to get a job. hartford connecticut, three people vying for every job add and believe it or not, with call street close, the big apple. baltimore, maryland takes the next spot, washington d.c. at number two, uncle sam is a big hirer and one person per advertised job. chances are things will only get better with more government bureaucracy, a boom town. drum roll, please. now the easiest city to find a job. technology tops these days in hiring. san jose in silicon
of applause. one of the things he said we need to drain the kool-aid from their veins. meaning from america's veins. that some laughs. how did he do? >> i thought michael did fairly well. obviously michael has a record of lawyerment. we've won in virginia, new jersey, we've won in massachusetts. he actually came in early with dollars. clearly there was concern regarding his level of control in a conversation earlier he had with others that i was part of he mentions strengthening controls. clearly some people left i think he's doing what he has to do. >> what is the mood in new orleans not in the french quarter, i'm talking about in that room? >> the mood is energized, passionate and it is of tremendous concern about our country's future. it isn't people coming down to enjoy our weather, food and french quarter festival. people coming with a sense of mission. if they are not engaged our country will continue down a path which is nonus is able. i'm a physician, a conversation with two ob-gyn's from new york that came down. so the new yorkers are talking to us here at the southern republican l
a lesson. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> eric: i'm eric sean and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie coley, thousands of flights are grounded and no end in sight, tens of thousands of travellers are stranded and open the volcano stops shooting ash into the air, and it still is and we're getting word some airports are reopening, in southern france and spain. >> eric: the restricted aerospace over europe keeping world leaders, not just the president, attending the funeral for poland's president and the aviation industry faces losses, they say, up to $200 million, a day, flights cancelled, at least through tomorrow. and the airlines hurting so badly, dutch airline, klm pushing to resume operations and ran a test flight with the 737 at 41,000 feet, above the ash, and, they said there was, quote, no irregularities and british airways plans to launch their own flight. >> jamie: we are monitoring this, still developing situation and we're going to have a report from iceland, that is coming up. >> eric: we start first this sunday morning with the stun
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